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BlogWhat women should wear during Hajj Complete Guide

July 31, 2022by admin0

What should women wear during Hajj

Since Hajj is the most important pilgrimage place for you, there are chances that you forget some pertinent things while planning your journey. As devotees, you will be consumed by the halo of Allah (SWT) and be very anxious to go to him and pray during Hajj.

There are chances that you might be very busy with scheduling your journey and accommodation that you forget to read about some essential and quintessential details of Hajj such as clothing. But, allay all your worries as we have done our homework and good research about what women should wear during Hajj.

# Covering the face

During Hajj, women should not cover their face or wear gloves just as men should not cover their head. There is a crystal-clear statement of the Prophet of Allah (SWT) (peace be upon him), “The Muhrimah (a female in Ihram) should not cover her face, nor should she wear a glove.

# The color of clothes that a woman can wear in Ihram

Women can wear any clothes that they like but they should not be very attractive or akin to the clothes of men. Your clothes should cover your hands and legs fully and should not be too short. Women cannot wear skin-hugging clothes that disclose the dimensions of their limbs. You cannot wear transparent clothes or that which reveal the underneath.

Women do not have to wear any particular color. They can opt for any color of their choice that is specific to women such as dark red, green or black. Women are permitted to change these colors if they so desire.

# Wearing Jewellery in the state of Ihram

Women are allowed to wear jewelry while they are in the state of Ihram. The Al-Bukhari states that Umm Al-Mu’minin Ayshah used to not consider anything wrong with a Muhrimah wearing jewelry.

Dos and Don’ts

There are some other important details and factors to be borne in mind while selecting Ihram. Do read these carefully and be ready with the right set clothes for Hajj or Umrah.  These tips will help you select the appropriate Hajj clothes easily and will help you save a lot of time.

# Multiple sets of Ihram

When you are going on Hajj, you will need to wear Ihram multiple times. Therefore, make sure that you are ready with at least three to four sets of Ihram. Since white is a very light color, your Ihram may reveal your body under the sunlight which is why women must use a thick fabric. A thick fabric will cover your body effectively. At the same time choose a fabric that is breathable.

# Choose a mixed fabric

Saudi Arabia is a hot country and the myriad of pilgrims will only make the scorching day more unbearable. So, you must choose Ihram which is made of mixed fabric. If you choose a pure fabric, it will only exhaust and suffocate you in the sunlight.

# Avoid black clothing

Since black is a good absorber of heat, wearing black will make you feel hotter. It is imperative that your itinerary to God will be fully immersed in chanting his name. Don’t get distracted by discomfort and ensure that you are wearing suitable clothes.

A loose dress with full sleeves, white pants, white underclothing, and white socks will be the best choice. Select a long, white Hijab that covers you all over.

# Plain and cotton clothes

Don’t run pillar to post looking for the right set of clothing in a foreign land. We are giving you the best tip so that you save time and be all ears only for Allah (SWT)’s name. Wear something plain which is a blend of cotton fabric as the clothes will have tiny pores to let you breathe properly.

Since you will cover yourself from head to toe, thick clothes will make you feel out of breath. A waist length Hijab will work best for you in almost all the situations. Do not forget to wear a white scarf cap on your head so that you keep your hair intact and dispense with the need of doing them again and again.

# Right Footwear

Choosing the right shoes for Hajj is equally important. For most of the religious authorities, the act of covering the feet is a part of Hijab. Therefore you cannot wear flip flops unless you have your feet covered with socks. Women can also wear Sneakers and walking shoes. But the laces may untie every now and then, and this might be a problem for you.

# Carry less number of items

You must know that you need to travel long distances during Hajj, therefore a light load of belongings would be the best. Keep a minimum number of items and if you can’t let go of some essentials, then roll them and stuff them in a manner that effectuates making more space in your bag.

Remember that pilgrims are not allowed to carry the bags inside Masjid-al-Haram. There are some groups that will arrange small bags and give them to you for use.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you wear your bag over the Hijab, then the straps of the bag might expose the outline of your chest. Use a scarf that covers your chest all over and then wears the backpack under your Hijab. Women can even wear the bag in the front if they want.

Summing Up

We hope that these tips will save your time and energy in a new place. If you get some time, do some research on other important clothing etiquettes that are to be followed during Hajj. Talk to your friends and family who have had some experience of going to the pilgrim site and learn about the dos and don’ts to be more careful and well-learned.

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