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BlogHow To Prepare For Umrah? Complete guide

July 31, 2022by admin0

If you haven’t yet experienced your first Umrah trip, it can be a task to navigate your way through it. The pre-planning involves so many things right from understanding the Umrah rituals that you must perform, to finally booking your Umrah tour package.

Of course, we know that you will talk to your friends and relatives who have already completed the Umrah rituals at least once. It can help you a bit to be prepared for the Umrah trip. But, if you want to know more about the cost, tour package, and the new travel guidelines, this article is for you.

If you have decided to take your first Umrah trip, this article will help you prepare for the Holy pilgrimage. So, let’s understand what all you need to do for your Umrah trip to be well-planned.

Learn in-depth about Umrah rituals and their Significance in Islam

Umrah is considered as one of the deeds that a person can perform to be close to Allah Almighty. It is imperative to learn how Umrah is a blessing and the impact it can have on your mental and spiritual state. It is a Sunnah, not obligatory but Muslims insist on performing Umrah as many times as they can in their lifetime.

The most important part of the Umrah pilgrimage will be the rituals. To keep it simple for you, here is a list of rituals you will have to follow:

  1. Cleanse yourself physically and spiritually
  2. Keep Niyyat
  3. Wear Ihram
  4. Perform Tawaf
  5. Perform Sa’i
  6. Clip off your hair

Make sure you learn about the above-mentioned Umrah rituals in detail.

Decide the Time of the Year and Days of Stay

Decide which time/month of the year when you would want to go for the Umrah trip. You can be prepared for the weather you will experience at that time of the year in Saudi Arabia. Next, you must decide if you would like to explore the three Holy cities after you have completed the Umrah rituals.

Madinah, Makkah, and Jeddah have a lot to offer if you are looking forward to having some fun time with your family after the rituals. You may decide which places or tourist attractions you would like to visit. This will help you decide the number of days by which the Umrah trip will extend.

Prepare Your Umrah Trip Budget

Once you have decided the number of days for your Umrah trip, it helps you at the next step—deciding the budget. The cost of plane tickets and Visa will be fixed as per the country you are travelling from. Next, you will choose your accommodation and travel preferences. After that comes the food, shopping, and other expenses of exploring the three cities.

Most people prefer to book their Umrah Packages that offer assistance for fulfilling the prerequisites of getting a Visa. Know that it is possible to make your Umrah booking online. To make your Umrah booking online, you can search for a trusted and authorised OTA www.elafumrah.com.

Contact an Authorised OTA to Book Your Umrah Package

If you are not a national of the country from where you are applying, submit documented proof of legal residence status.

If you are wondering how the OTAs can help you, here’s everything you should know.

People book Umrah packages so that they can experience a hassle-free journey. The Umrah trip is planned well in advance, and they get to compare the prices of different hotels. The authorised OTAs can offer you the best services to acquire the travel and Umrah Visa. A trusted OTA will recommend you the best package based on your budget.

With Elaf Umrah, you can also choose from ready-to-book Umrah packages that include hand-picked Umrah hotels, the best on-ground services, and accommodations. You can also customise your Umrah package by making an offline request. Choose the Umrah hotels and transportation of your choice easily.

Stay Updated with Latest Travel News and News Related to Hajj and Umrah Ministry

After the COVID-19 virus, it has become mandatory for countries to have strict regulations related to the travel, health, and vaccination status of tourists. Depending on the number of cases, the rules and regulations keep updating frequently.

Ensure to get the latest news on travel to Saudi Arabia. Also, check out which vaccination is WHO approved, and if you haven’t taken one of them you are required to take a booster shot. Saudi Arabia also demands tourists present a negative RTPCR report. To know more, read our blog on how to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia under the COVID-19 regulations.

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